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German President honors Amin Dirhem on German Merit
Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

German President honors Amin Dirhem on German Merit

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany , Horst Köhler, honored Mr. Amin Darham, Director of Tihama for Plows and Engineering Ltd., for his outstanding services to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sana'a, Mr. Frank Markus Mann, on behalf of the German President, awarded the Medal of Merit to the German President at a ceremony held at the residence of the Ambassador. In reading the German Embassy in Sana'a to his resume, he said that: "Mr. AED make unremitting efforts for decades in professional and personal field to promote relations of Yemen in Germany . It has become an important supporter of that thanks to the relations of Yemen.
Especially in the cultural field. After being selected as the first Yemeni member of the German- Yemeni Friendship Association , he helped establish the Yemeni- German Friendship Society in Sana'a in 1997. He is currently active in both societies and actively supports them. 

In 2000, Mr. Dirham made a significant contribution to many other fields of cooperation. In 2000, he helped establish the German House in Sanaa, which is now a center of culture and German. 
He also contributed to the organization of the first orchestra in Yemen as part of the celebrations in Sana'a, the capital of Arab culture, held in Sana'a in 2004, where the Yemenis were able to listen to classical music for the first time live.

After the resumption of diplomatic relations between the former " Arab Republic of Yemen " and the Federal Republic of Germany in 1969, Mr. Dirham made his first contacts with Germany in the commercial field. In 1971, he was granted the exclusive power of attorney for two of Germany's leading companies, Siemens and Deutsche, and contributed to the introduction of several German investment activities in Yemen , such as the construction of power plants in Sana'a and Taiz Hodeidah and the telephone network in Yemen, as well as supplying the Sana'a International Airport with the necessary equipment. In 1974, he received an exclusive agency from the German company "Hospitalia" and supervised the opening of the German airline "Lufthansa". 

Not only was he represented by these companies, he also developed to encourage German investors to work in Yemen through the experience and trust he gained in those areas that Yemen can not do without. 
At present, Mr. Dirham is present at any talks concerning economic cooperation between Yemen and Germany . "